Generic Security Soldier

Greetings all,

Here’s a security soldier character I’ve been working on for some time now. He’s not finished yet, but I thought I’d share him. I plan on giving him some equipment variations and several different heads. At the moment he has an assault rifle that will be included in the pack, but I think I’ll make him some more weapons. Let me know what y’all think!

Hey everybody,

Here’s an update on the different heads I’ve talked about. At the moment he has three variants but, the hat and goggles will also be optional. I also want to make a version of the goggles pulled over his eyes as well as a headset. I might also make some female variations but that would also require some tweaks to the body… so that will depend on feedback.

Hey everybody,

The Security Soldier pack is finished and released on the marketplace! Check out the trailer.

Features trailer:

Marketplace link: