Generic Radial Menus - Quickly add radial menus to your projects!

Now released, and ready for purchase on the marketplace!

Many modern console and PC games use radial menus to give their users a fast, fluid and dynamic experience. The goal of Generic Radial Menus is to give you the power to add the same to your project with as little effort as possible. That way you can focus on making the systems you care about. Whether you’re adding an emote selector, a build menu, or even just a simple weapon selection menu, this system gets out of your way and let’s you do what’s most important: making the actual game. Adding widgets to the menu is the same as with any layout box. You create your widget, call a single function and the radial menu will handle the rest.

Sales pitch out of the way, I started work on this for my own game, and realized it might be helpful for other UE4 users. I’ve tried to make it as easy to use as possible so that the actual implementation is as painless as possible. So hopefully you won’t need to edit blueprints, but if you need/want to I’ve added comments to almost every function and blueprint as well as tooltips for just about every exposed variable. Also, I’ve tried to cover every aspect that you might need to know in a clean set of documentation. There are two sample ways of using the system: an item quick selector and a multi layered build menu. It should be noted these are NOT the actual systems, but samples of the ways you could use them in these scenarios. You can, however, make a duplicate of the samples and fill in your own data.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Multimenu sample in action:

](Generic Radial Menu for building menus in UE4 - YouTube)

Simple weapon selection in action:

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