Generic Onlinesubsystem class

Hello everyone.

Currently I am working on trying to put together a generic onlinesubsystem class. The purpose for this undertaking is to provide a subsystem to the community that will allow for testing full sessions without having to use the Steam SDK. I understand and have used the simple connection methods of starting a client with ?listen , and issuing a connect <IP> on another client. This works just fine however from the testing that I have completed this does not use any of the session system. ( Which without sessions the built in voice chat will not work )

Thus far I have managed to duplicate the OnlineSubsystemNull module and have the duplicate working the same. Unless I am completely crazy I believe that there should be a way to implement a simple webservice ( specifically REST ) for this generic subsystem to broadcast to and query for currently online games. It isn’t my intention at this time to implement anything else at this time, other than maybe a small portion of the identity services.

To the Epic staff.
Are my thoughts on somewhat of a correct track? Is it possible to pass all required information to connect to a game session via REST calls or something similar? I am thinking that this should be achievable with as little as IP address, Port, Sessionname. Is this correct or have I missed something. I have noticed that in the current OnlineSubsystemNull lan implementation that the beacon packets contain serialized versions of the session information. Will this be required or can it be worked around??

Any help will be greatly appreciated.