Generic Online Subsystem + Matchmaking + Friends + Achievements + More for [Mobile & Desktop]


I’m currently working on the Generic Online Subsystem witch is will be support lot of features of OnlineSubsystem.

All of these features will be both for mobile & desktop

= Features =

  1. Login/Register
  2. Friends
  3. Matchmaking
  4. Entitlements
  5. In game currency (supports multiple currency like gold, money, diamond, etc…)
  6. Items
  7. Upgradable items. Example: Weapon critical, reload, rate of fire upgrade system (You can add/edit/customise these properties. Also it’s also generic to you can define upgrade for your other items too.)
  8. Achievements
  9. Leaderboards
  10. Server browser/list (Dedicated servers will be automatically apper.)
  11. User stats (Currently I don’t know how it should be but will be implemented when get an idea about this.)
  12. IAP integration with server validation.
  13. Profile system.
  14. Online hot fix implementation.
  15. Chat system.
  16. Party system.
  17. User presence system.
  18. …Will be added more features

Currently I can’t give a demo because currently under the development but I think I can give a demo in a month (some of features already developed for my game.)
I’m writing here to see any interesting about this plugin.


I would definitely be interested in almost all of these features, especially if it comes with an API that can be used by websites (for leaderboards and profiles/statistics).

Interested +1 but would be more interested if it was broken down into 2 or 3 parts not one complete system

This system fully based on an API so you can use all of features with an API.

Actually not sure why you want it but you can use what you want in this system.

Hi MSTF. First of all this is great idea mate. Is it going to be with integration ready for Allar’s Generic Shooter? Anyway good luck! Ah and what price and when about we may see it on marketplace?

I imagine a lot of people are interested in this =)

(I know i am =P )

Thanks, as I can say now it will be work out of box with any marketplace item uses online subsystem of UE4 (Without custom modifications but as I know Allar’s Generic Shooter is pure blueprint so It will be work out of box). Not sure about the price but (subject to change) Min: 50$ Max: 100$
Because this is not just a plugin with C++. There is a web admin panel, C++ plugin with integreates UE4, also will be some applications (services) for matchmaking, chat system etc… So I can’t exactly say the price but I want to sell everyone so price will not too much high. Also can’t give a exact time but as I can say development going fast :stuck_out_tongue: (currently my only job.)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you, very interesting, so i am waiting for demo and good luck.

Quick question, will you be supporting 4.11 as well?
(I am probably not upgrading to 12 anytime soon) :slight_smile:

Not sure but I will do my best for backward compatibility. I’m always working on current version (working on 4.13).

Alright, thanks for the reply =)

Hod do you plan on matchmaking into servers as in will you be transferred to a list of dedicated/virtual servers running a game instance or will they be spawned as each match is required. will this system use socket servers or use the webservers to match make and what kind of rating system do you plan on using and are you still working on it?

Any updates?

That was very slow reply sorry. Currently list of dedicated/virtual running a game instance is done but I think will be good if game instance spawned for each mach, not sure. For match make; webserver will be good for customization but I don’t have to much knowledge how to handle this. Probably will be done via sockets and custom application. Rating system will be basic, it will be just average ELO’s of players.

@phantom530 Most of features already done and I’m using it in the my project but I’m not sure to release because of the interest this kind of system.

No worries! That is sad to hear :(. Maybe we can work something out on the side?

@MSTF if you aren’t going to sell it on the marketplace, at least sell it on sellfy or gumroad. i’m sure there would at least be some number of people interested (including myself) that would like a subsystem that is easy to implement instead of the steam subsystem. Just food for thought.

I’m definitely interested in this if it works for mobile.

I am really interested in this :smiley:

This is great if you implement it, and sell, I will surely buy it!