Generic N-Ary Tree or Equivalent Representation

I have spent a lot of time in the source and it seems like every time there is a “Tree” structure (BehaviorTree, SkeletonTree, etc.) they are concrete implementations of a “tree” with it’s own specific logic.

I am a bit curious, is there a template/generic declaration file that I am missing that defines an N-Ary Tree? If not, is there a data structure or set of generic algorithms that can treat something, say a TArray, as a Tree?

You can see all the containers in the Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Public/Containers folder - there is no generic tree/RB tree or anything else, currently.

Yah, that was the first place I looked and didn’t see it. I didn’t know if it had been tucked away elsewhere. Thanks!

After some digging there is a BinarySearch algorithm in the library of core. So that eliminates the use case of implementing a Binary Tree.