Generic Formation System

Generic Formation System is a generic system for ANY styles/types games and it is customizable/extendable/easy to use.

Why GFS?

Formation system is a complex system for the game, and it is take much time to implement. Using GFS can save time to let devs focus on their own game feature logic.

Compare to other formation assets on marketplace, you can find that there is no one is extendable and customizable, even no longer support anymore.

GFS is a part of my own game originally, and it separated to a independent plugin and be a generic system. Long term support is a MUST. Also, GFS is not limited to single style of game, like some asset only available to RTS game only. You can use GFS in your different style games in anytime.


  • Execute formation in-place
  • Moving in formation
  • Simple group management
  • 5 pre-built configurable Formation Types (4 Col/10 Col/Circle/Square/Wedge)
  • Custom Formation Types
  • Follow target
  • Auto regroup
  • Can integrate to **ANY **other systems
  • Suitable for **ANY **styles/types games
  • Provide Third Person and RTS Sample Project
  • Class Ordering
  • Real-time Movement
  • Support Multiplayer (Network replication)

more detail please check the marketplace page and documentation](

v0.2.0-beta update:

  • Unit Class Ordering
  • Formation Group Spawner
  • Bugfix of auto regroup

v0.3.1-beta update:

  • Real-time Movement
  • Patrol System
  • Bugfix of follow target

v1.0.0 update:

  • Network Replication
  • Improvement of Patrol System