Generative Design Custom Architectural Software using UE5 and procedural geometry.


I am researching the prospect of creating a 3D Generative design Architectural Software using UE5 and procedural geometry.
Wanted to know if all the following tasks would be possible inside of UE5.
The software will include -

  1. Can be desktop or web based, but will have a content, user management and login system , to manage different roles of each user. ie a manager may create a new project , a normal user may create new content, and a viewer may only view saved designs.

  2. Next the User will select a location and polyline area of the new project , this would import the map into the runtime editor, allow the user to import context like - roads, buildings, green spaces or trees, weather , solar data etc.

  3. The User can enter in data pertaining to the site design , like no.of buildings to generate , types of building , height of building etc. in a UMG ( UI).

4.The system will take this input and create some design options for the user to select and apply. this is incorporated using procedural generated building geometries , and AI agents to reach optimal design option to showcase to the user.

  1. The final design selected should be saved in the software like a save game , and loadable at anytime, if possible to export the data in text format of users choice - like csv, xml, txt.

Finally as a future development the software would be used for Digital twins and operation management .and the viewer may view the final designs , select the apartments and other details of the Design, similar to the Archviz Explorer project.

I have seen some examples of this kind of work in different projects , but not as a unified and long term application.-

Zaha hadid - Zaha Hadid Architects’ UE4-Powered Configurators | Build: Architecture 2021 - YouTube
Water town - How to Play WatertownFacadeDesigner - YouTube
Archviz example - ArchViz Explorer for Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

Also what kind of license would this be under creator ?

I understand I may have boiled down the entire application workflow a bit too much , but i hope , this is a starting point for a conversation.

If any one has more examples of applications made with UE using these kinds of tasks, i would love to look into it , please drop a link in the reply.
I will do the same in this post, so as we have a repository for future users who would also want to go down this path.

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