Generating terrain using c++

I am trying to make a survival game where the terrain is constantly generated based on fractal noise. Imagine minecraft but smooth. Is there a way to do this by changing the landscape object in c++? I have a feeling lots of things can be done in c++ but i don’t know which includes to use. Any tips for this would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance.

check the net, i found something awhile back on terrain and it was adding terrain to itself as you moved in that direction. Also showed how you could achieve that. Was very interesting video. Tried finding a link but nothing yet, if i find it i will post it.

found it :slight_smile: He has some great videos :wink: On the right there are a bunch of his videos covering all kinds of stuff.
Coding Challenge #11: 3D Terrain Generation with Perlin Noise in Processing - YouTube

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