Generating Sound Waves?

So I have this retired Doctor that used to work with Autistic Children who asked me to recreate this old software he had made back in the 90’s. He has this technique he claims can help detect early signs that he had patented. I agreed to recreate it for him but he recently decided that panning the sound from one ear to the other (as it appeared to do in the old game) wasn’t scientific enough and proceeded to tell me that he wanted one speaker to play the square wave stationary and the other one to move the sound back and forth. He swore this would give the illusion that the sound was moving left to right as it currently was but would have an effect on them Neurologically and that this was well documented…only I just spent about 6 hours scouring the internet and only could find about 2 different methods for making sound appear to be spatial.

If anyone knows how I could independently play sounds in each specific speaker/headphone that would really help me.

I’m not 100% sure but I may be able to satisfy him if I were able to use this technique I found called Amplitude panning if I could figure out how to generate my own wave sounds inside of the Unreal Engine, rather then importing sound files. I have been able to do this in Unity but for the life of me I spent 8 hours today looking all over the net and I can’t find any information on it outside of this link

It basically says to create a New C++ class SynthComponent

Simple tone generator?

The video they refer him to though doesn’t seem to explain how to set it up. I tried accessing the start function through a blueprint and placing it in the scene but it doesn’t generate any sound like that discussion seems to suggest.

I would really appreciate any help at all, when I get stressed about something like this and I can’t find any resources referencing it I will lose sleep for days trying to figure it out. I told him when he threw this at me that I wasn’t sure if I could pull this off, it really sounds like a problem he may need to hire a professional sound engineer for. I’m still learning to work with the Unreal Engine and stuff like this is next to impossible to find videos or tutorials on.