Generating Path Question

Hello everyone! This is my first post on the forums so I hope I’ve got the right place.

I’ve been working on a Blueprint that should allow the user to create a path by selecting points in an overhead view and then moving an object along a path connected by those points.

Currently I have the object moving along the points by lerping from one point to another. However when the object nears the point it starts to slow down and then speeds up again to get to the next point. I realize this is because of the lerping functionality. I was looking into splines in Unreal 4 and I have a couple questions.

  1. Is there a way to make the lerp not slow down on each point but rather only on the last point in an array of them?
  2. Instead of lerping from point to point is there a way for the player to create a spline path while playing the game and just have the object travel along that spline?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

i think instead of using lerp , using splines is better
2-yes in game you can ,you can place points in game and add them to a splinecomponent to define you path

I have a game where all the pawns only move along splines, sort of like trains on train tracks. It just saves a distance along the spline and moves the pawn according to the location/rotation along the spline its connected to.

I actually started doing this before your response when I found out about that. Basically I get the player to click and select his/her points first then after they are done that array gets thrown into SetSplineWorldPoints. My only concern now is moving the object a long that spline. I took a look at the content examples that Unreal provides. There was one with a particle effect following a spline to make the Unreal logo. I applied the same blueprint logic but my object just flies off the map in an instant. Any ideas off the top of your head of what could be causing that? I also used the same Timeline curve that they used in the content example.