Generating levels in Multiplayer? (And Instanced Static Mesh POPPING)

I’m using an actor with an Instanced Static Mesh Hierarchy component or w/e it’s called.

This already causes me problems in that it’s CONSTANTLY popping in and out unlike normal static meshes. Anyway.

I’ve tried using seeds and passing the seeds via networked connection. That ended poorly as it’s all calculated in a single frame which means that the number is always the exact same. Over. And over. And over. This could be solved in a somewhat cool way by generating the level in front of the player and then spawning them in it afterward.

I’ve tried just replicating the actor. This only works with pre-added instances though. No blueprint generated instances (as in, “Add Instanced Static Mesh or w/e” doesn’t replicate but if I go into the details panel and click the + button to manually add one at a location THAT ONE WILL replicate)

I could go with #1 but realistically the popping is annoying and immersion breaking. If I could solve that that would be great. But without that it seems to me like my best course of action is actually just to manually spawn a bunch of static mesh actors rather than adding instances. It’ll probably hit performance but no one likes popping. Flickering white lights (the skybox showing) REALLY messes with my gameplay.