Generating Left Mouse Click through Blueprints!


This might seem like a stupid question, but i thought might as well ask it and if anyone has a few pointers how to pull it off, then that would be awesome!
The question is that right now UMG isn’t set to active to be used with a GamePad. There are several ways to get access by kind of faking it, but that will drive the node network, especially when you have several buttons or options in a menu, to massive proportions.
So i was thinking that, all that is needed to get the Widget to be usable is one Mouse Click, which allows the Widget to be navigated with a GamePad(Controller).
Which poses the question. Is it possible to some how generate a Mouse Click in blueprints when the Widget is created? I did go through several nodes, but they all seem to only work for Input.

I’m still quite new and have even started to learn C++ on the side just to avoid these kinds of things in the future, but mastering that will still take a lot of time. So if anyone has any ideas or tips how to pull that off, that would be really awesome!

Cheers, Shadur

hi! may I sugest you a plugin? its was made by Rama, and it does an awesome job at alowing you to move the mouse cursor and click in UMG with a gamepad.!-Easily-Click-Buttons!

Also, the reason you wanted to simulate a click was not very clear to me, is it because when adding a widget to the viewport you have to click on it once to give it focus before beign able to click the buttons? If so, you can use the node “set input mode Game and UI” wich let you choose wich widget you want the focus to go to, meaning you won’t have to click on it once before the buttons become clickable.

It is possible but, it requires C++ to make custom blueprint nodes, which is easy to do.

Check my last post in this thread

I’m not familiar with Rama’s solution, it is likely a better way to do it though if that works.

You do not need to make any new nodes, and yess the plugin work in 4.11 I have been using it for a while now :slight_smile:

Rama also make the victory plugin wich is a few hundred new blueprints nodes he made, very usefull.

Hey! Thanks for the quick replies! I did get the project for the GamePad, but since I’m a total newb at this point i wasn’t sure how to exactly extract that functionality and migrate it to a new project without needing C++ for it :smiley:

The GamePad seemed to work fine once you clicked at any point on the screen with the mouse, that’s why i thought maybe just add it to the existing blueprint i have that once the widget gets created it would just do a click and i’d be able to navigate the menu with the GamePad.

EDIT: Ok i feel kind of stupid. I copied the the plugin to the wrong folder. All i had to do was to create a new folder in the directory where the project file was and add it there.

Sorry, for wasting your time guys! Cheers for the help!


glad you got it working!

Got one more stupid question, do i need to Compile the project in through the editor to be able to package the project? If so then i got a bit of a problem, because it won’t let me Compile and gives me an error…

ERROR: Failed to find module “GamePadUMGPlugin” specified on the command line inside of the output filename “Some paths for the project” to add appendage.

Any ideas? :smiley:

Cheers, Shadur

EDIT: After trying to fix the errors and several other attempts, i found out that the answer was quite simple.
What i always did was try to compile the plugin through the Editor, BUT that seemed to be a big no no…
So i’ll just put the steps that i finally did to get it working here, if anyone else that is just starting off with UE4
and doesn’t exactly know what’s going on :smiley:

 1. Get the GamepadUMG project from [!-Easily-Click-Buttons!](!-Easily-Click-Buttons!)
 2. Go to the project folder and copy the contents of the Plugins folder to the project you want to have the functions, 
     if you don't have a Plugins folder in your project folder, then copy the whole thing.
 3. You're good to go, no need to Compile or anything, everything should be ready to go!

 Thanks for the help everyone!

Cheers, Shadur