Generating geometry from connected spline...

I’m trying to solve a problem, I have an irregular patch of empty space. The tool I wish to create is one that allows me to create a looped spline such as a square, circle, star etc… and have it generate geometry within the confines of the spline.

I have created spline roads, but struggling with how I might go about solving this problem. The only solution I can think of currently is to generate small squares and have those squares fill the space provided by the spline. But this wouldn’t help me much when it comes to the edges where I might require a more organic or smooth edging. It would also be extremely expensive in draw calls and the tool itself would run extremely slow. What I really want to explore is generating or editing geometry.

Does anyone have any ideas how they might go about solving this problem with blueprints?

you mean this?

Nah, I want to take a flat spline shape and fill it. This shape could be anything from a generic square too a star. But what matters is the space inbetween the geometry is generated, not simply taking a shape and warping it into place. The shapes I’m looking to make are fairly organic. Essentially like lots of flat round blobs. I want to create there blobs to cap of holes in my world without having to make them in Maya or Max.