Generating a specific kind of flooring ; can it preload in editor?

So i’m new, ive been in development with unreal engine for a couple months now. I’m doing this completely fresh and have gotten myself a base layout going. Right now i’m working on the actual plane for my game and some different ideas, but im really interested in a procedural generation, even if its only temp.

But i’m looking to create landscape similar to a game called worms, it’s solid land, however it can be exploded/mined which causes the land to suffer it’s height and break away, of course I’d like it to have different variations maybe some open areas down low but i’m okay figuring that out,

I just don’t have any understanding of how I am to create a an expanding landmass with properties that can allow it to be an entirely destructible surface, afterwards i’d like to be able to make it generate different variations n such but i can dig out the maths and functions I just really need advice into starting up the base for a destructible auto generating floormap