Generating a procedural triangle in 3D space

Hi there! I am just moving a game system I had implemented in Unity to UE4. Currently, what I am struggling to find information about is on how could I generate a triangle object/actor proceduraly (i.e. during run-time) in 3D space. It is, a simple, flat triangle but in 3D space (not in Canvas), that could receive a texture, be rotated, re-scalred, etc. I am sure that such a thing is possible, but I haven’t find any hints or example codes to help me achieve such a task.

Could any of you help me get into the correct direction?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think Unreal has built in mesh construction options.

Is it possible? Sure. Is it a common enough task to be built in already? no.

One workaround would be to make a triangle mesh, import that as a static mesh, and use scaling and other transformations to size it how you want.

EDIT: Better answer below. :slight_smile: Learn new things all the time.

Try the CustomMesh component :smiley:

:slight_smile: Ok that’s cool. I didn’t know that existed.

Even found a tutorial on using it. UE4 Tutorial - Custom Mesh Component

Awesome +1 UE4 community!!