Generating a line of animated objects by duplicating an object? Is that possible?

Hi there.

I am trying to build a group of objects transported by a conveyor belts.

I want to generate a line of objects moving via a preset curve (built in the fbx file). Since they are exactly the same object I think it should be possible to generate the line by duplicating one single object with timeline offset.

I found this UE4: editor. Spawn object at target every 2 second - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

But it seems to be used to generate objects one by one from the beginning, what should I do if I want the line from the beginning? (For instance, I wish 12 objects in line from the beginning rather than waiting for 12 seconds for them to be generated one by one and move in to their position.) Also, can I set a lifetime for the generated objects to make them disappear when they reach the end of the line?

Thank you very much!