Generating a cube floor

Hey, I am pretty new to Unreal and still trying to figure out blueprints.
But for the game I am trying to make I need a cube floor.
I cannot just place 100 cubes manually in the level, would take a while.
But I tried a blueprintscript I found on the internet.
This is what I found and tweaked.

After I tried this script, my Unreal ran into a error message!

Unreal had run into a infinite loop or if the error message would not show up it would just freeze.

So I really do not know how I could fix this or what to change.
Thx for the help and the answers.

Thank you for the suggestion will try it out immediatly.

Update: i tested it and it worked thank you very much!

Try the 2d Grid Execution Macro, quite handy for that kind of thing:

Do ensure you run the script someplace else than the actor that you’re spawning (Level Blueprint perhaps?); otherwise this will lead to an infinite loop as each actor tries to run the script that spawns new actors…