GenerateProjectFiles command not showing error dialog

As a result of some changes in the UBT code, it seems that the right-click, generate project files command will no longer (under some circumstances anyway) display a dialog on failure, but just finish without any feedback about why they couldn’t be generated.

In particular, I’m getting this when trying to generate 4.16 project files for a project which has dependencies on plugins which I do not yet have installed for 4.16. By debugging I’ve found the output error is

ERROR: Couldn't find module rules file for module ''.

I believe this should be generating an error dialog, but is not doing on 4.16. This is liable to lead to a lot of confusion with updating of projects if not fixed soon.

Hello ,

I understand that it has been a while since you originally reported this. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, I’ll be happy to investigate this issue with you. I tried reproducing this myself (just causing it to fail to generate project files by setting the Intermediates folder to Read-Only) and I’m given an error dialogue.