GenerateProjectFiles.bat doesn't work!

I’ve gone through a few post but I can’t get it work.
This is what I’m currently getting. I got the required downloads, i have VS 2013 desktop i launched it and it works.

Not sure what I’m missing. I’m not a programmer so I dont know what half of this stuff means.

Hi spinav,

Please download this file and place it on your desktop. Remove the .txt extension and run the file. It will create a new info.txt file on your desktop. If you could upload that file here, that would be helpful.

I have the same problem. Here is the text file… I have also VS 2015 installed tryuing to compile the downloaded .zip version of the 4.10 “release” branch

Thank you link text

Hi lubitel,

The Engine has changed quite a bit since this post was originally made. Would you be able to provide a screenshot of the error message that you are seeing?

Also, just to make sure, did you run Setup.bat first?