Generated UV do not work

Hi all,
I have problem with generated uv’s. For example lets take a very basic object - books.

Generated uv’s look ok:

But despite everything seems ok, generated lightmap is terrible. I even created some very basic scene, which only consist of few object and one directional light. A cube was supposed to drop shadow on books, but instead I got terrible result:

By the way, lightmap resolution is more than enough. Ligthmap coordinates are correct (set to 1 by importer). I’ve tried several different resolutions from very small to very high, but it simply does not seem to affect the final result in any way. And let me say this is not first case - I noticed that unreal generally is unable to generate good lightmap uv’s - even when they work they have strange artifacts. Of course I can do everything manually and generate UV’s in 3ds max, but it would be very hard and boring job. Is there any way to have working lightmass uvs in unreal?
Thanks in advance.

The shading on your model looks odd in general. Looks like your vertex normals are set to smooth when you should have hard edges on the corners of the books.

I found the reason and it is not unreal. I’ve reexported model and checked it in 3ds max and it turns out that there is some mesh that encapsulates books. I have no idea why it is done, but I just deleted it and now everything works fine. False alarm. :slight_smile: