Generated Ivy/Vines causes FPS drop.

So on my free time I’ve rebuilt a Paragon map for funsies, most of the map is done… sort of, and would like to decorate it with nice plants and ivy/vines that sort of tangles across rocks and monuments and stuff. I googled around a little for free versions of ivy generators and found one really nice one by Thomas Luft, so easy to use and so beautiful results etc.
But when I import them into my level those vines cause a tremendous FPS drop. Is there a way to make them cause no FPS drop? Or is it difficult to do so with stuff like generated vines and such? Or could it simply be that this generator in particular is not meant for more than one object?
Is there anyone who has used Thomas Luft’s ivy generator before?
And/or does anyone know where to find another ivy generator (for free) if the software itself would be the case?
I mean, it’s nothing wrong with the software or anything, it’s just that since I found out about those ivy generators it would be nice to use one for my project, but that doesn’t cause such FPS drop.

The issue there is that it’s not optimized for games, for games it needs to be as low poly as you can manage and that tool doesn’t really do anything for that.

That’s a shame, thanks for reply.