generated.inl problem

Whenever I compile, I get compile errors in my projects generated.inl file. The problem is that my struct FItemTableEntry ends up being spelled fItemtableEntry. I believe this is because FNames are used internally, and aren’t case sensitive. Unfortunately, I’ve done a search throughout my entire UnrealEngine folder, and haven’t been able to find a single place where it was capitalized in that way.

I think when I first created the cpp file, it was called ItemtableEntry, but I renamed the file when I saw the problem. Additionally, a file called ItemtableEntry.generate.h is created whenever I delete the generated files and re-build.

Does anyone have any idea where this mysteriously mis-capitalized FName could be?

FName are not case sensitive so it might be somewhere else that you have 2 different spelling.

It might be in the C++ Engine code itself or a module that the Fname is used, but I’m not sure if this can be linked.

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I’m aware of the FName capitalization issue. I just can’t figure out where the problem is coming from. It’s definitely not the C++ code.

My FItemTableEntry struct inherits from FTableRowBase. But when I import a csv in the editor, the option it gives me is also improperly “spelled.”

I deleted the solution and suo file, as well as the Intermediate folder in my project, regenerated the project, then rebuilt. This fixed the problem. I’m not sure what part of that was the actual fix.