Generate Signing Certificate?

Hi everyone,

I’ve really been enjoying Unreal Engine and wanted to explore IOS development. The prompt on the Unreal main site says I need to generate a signing certificate. But the link just takes me to a page for downloading Xcode. If anyone could be so kind to point me in the right direction for getting started I’d appreciate it very much. If its of any sifnificance I am running the latest Unreal Engine version on a Windows 10 64 bit machine.

Hi Dan, may i ask, did you pay the $99 fee to enroll in development program?


No, I wasn’t prompted for any fees. I just followed the quickstart prompt for IOS development on the Unreal Site and it landed me on the apple site that gives the option to download xcode.

create a basic sprite kit demo, it will then take you through making a signing provision. I haven’t managed to get it to work with ue4 yet though…despite the certificate being valid for xcode and unity.