Generate sequence and metadata at the same frequency

Hello All,
I’m trying to generate an PNG images sequence and, for each frame (each PNG), I write a line of some camera position in a CSV file.
My issue is that I haven’t the same amount of PNG files and lines in the CSV. For example, when I generate 150 images, I have about 160 lines in my CSV file…
To do this, I use a Sequencer to export the images files. And, I use the Event Tick in MyGameMode to generate the lines in the CSV file.
It seems that the frequency of the sequencer is a bit different of the Event Tick.
Anyone has an idea ?
Thank you in advance,
Best regards.

Rendering is done based on the frame rate but it’s not real-time.
Consider tying in your log file to actual frames instead of ticks.

Hello scottunreal,
Thank you for the answer. I’m not sure about the way to do what you said.
I tried an Event Repeater in the Sequencer.
This almost works. I have 153 rows in my CSV file instead of 150. I’m getting close to the target but it seems that the code writing the CSV is running a bit longer than generating the images.
Maybe you mean I have to capture the event that renders the image from my sequencer?