Generate Project files fails on Installed / Binary Build

I want to switch over to a custom 4.24 binary version and when trying to right-click my .uproject and switch the engine to that binary version the error “ERROR: Targets with a unique build environment cannot be built an installed engine.” appears. I can load up the Project with the source build. I got a binary version working before with other projects.

What does that error mean?

Maybe that if the project is able to run with the source build it won’t be able with a launcher version of the engine ?

You may try to delete some generated folders like Intermediate, Binaries and Saved inside YourProjectFolder/

And then Generate Project files again

I tried that before, but that didn’t help :confused:
It is a binary version of the custom modified source build. I’m not using the Launcher version.
Thank you for the quick response.

In case someone else needs help resolving this: try commenting out “BuildEnvironment = TargetBuildEnvironment.Unique;” in the Target.cs file(s) of your project