Generate planet, HALP!

Hey I was wondering if it was possible to make a generator that will make a planet so I can make a game, I wanna make a space game and have factions and blah blah blah, you get it anyways is it possible to maybe make planets? or maybe when you get to the end of one side you are teleported back to the other side? So its like an infinite loop? and not have to build every planet by hand by having a generator, P.S Is there a way to make things mine-able? sort of like in planet explorers? also is it possible it make them different types like, Lava, Frozen, Forest, Strange coloured forest, That sorta thing, Also maybe different sizes? Also it must NOT BE BLOCKY!!! I dont want to make a minecraft clone

://www.outerra/ :slight_smile:

Just add a huge trigger to the end of the world and then set up a teleporter: https://answers.unrealengine/questions/27434/how-do-i-teleport-the-player-controller-to-a-new-l.html Now when he reaches the trigger he will be teleported to another place on the map. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks :smiley: Btw is it possible to reconfigure that generator so that it makes diferent kinds of lands?

Like maybe instead of earthlike, Maybe change the colours and or trees and leaf colours? I want my game to look alienlike :stuck_out_tongue: