Generate "path" of arbitrary length, interact with actors

I am looking to create a system where I can have a dynamic “path” created at runtime at the press of a button. This path needs to travel in one direction, but follow the curve of the surface you are on. It has to be able to collide with actors as well. I have considered using dynamic geometry, but am not sure if there is a better way to do this using blueprints. We are trying to keep things at the blueprint level before diving into custom code. Any other kind of object types that might serve this purpose?

Hi man,
Just make a loop, that create a vecctor from where you are toward a direction .
Check with a ray if there is an obstacle, if there is no obstacle, set yourposition+the vecctor as 1°of an array of locations.
This time cast firs a ray under this new position to checck if there is ground, then get the location of the ground and add to it your “Heigh”,
repeat these steps and add behaviour for when you get an obbstacle or dont get ground under you.
In the end you will have an array of locations, You ccan visualize that with a loop + debug draw arrows. from array0 to array 1 , and from array 1 to array 2…