Generate LODs for foliage with World Partition?

I can’t seem to get the HLOD commandlet to generate LODs for foliage (either procedural foliage spawner foliage OR hand painted foliage from the foliage paint mode). I’ve tried all the different methods of assigning an HLOD layer, the HLOD commandlet finishes successfully, but no LODs are built.

If there’s a way to set the foliage as “Always Loaded” and just use the built in LOD for the foliage, I’m fine with doing that as well, but currently it seems to be locked to “Location” mode for World Partition loading.

Has anyone successfully used foliage with World Partition and gotten distant LOD working?

You must have vegetation instanced actor placed in datalayer

datalayer setting:

HLOD setting:
comandlet for my project:
“E:\unrealEngine\UE_5.0EA\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UnrealEditor.exe” “C:\p4\Mag\mag.uproject” “cityMap” -run=WorldPartitionBuilderCommandlet -AllowCommandletRendering -Builder=WorldPartitionHLODsBuilder

Thanks for replying - I tried this setup but it still doesn’t generate any LODs.