Generate landscape tile LODs without opening each tile?

I have a map made up of around 900 tiles, I want to make one LOD version of each of about half of them, but the only way I found was to load each level in World Comp and then generate them via Properties. Is there a way to tell UE to do all tiles without loading all tiles simultaneously and crashing my system?
Most of the info on this seems to be a bit dated and deals with Simplygon.

Hi Magnvs,
Did you ever find a solution to this? The idea of having to create LODs for each tile at a time seems like a terrible workflow.

No, I ended up loading them in batches of as many as my system could handle at a time to generate. I haven’t updated them since, that will be a fun day… :slight_smile:

Dang it.
There’s no way you could set up one tile with a baseline LOD setup, export and import the tile map and it’s LOD files each time you want a new tile?

Edit: What I mean is could you setup the LODs for one tile and replicate it for use with future roles.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but you can select the tiles (as many as you want) from the world composition window and generate, but the levels need to be loaded.