Generate Float with random Text

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Hello I have already created the function with which I can create a random text

but I would like to create a float that is evaluated in the same way or that you can count the letters that were selected from the random text!

(Example) |
Hello (Float 4) |
What’s up (Float 1)

You could use “Len” after getting the random string, which will then give you the total number of characters that are in the string. Depending on what you’re trying to do, you might even want to just print out the “Random Integer” to get the array index. Hope this helps.

Thank you but unfortunately I didn’t mean it.

I want to generate a float so that I - and + can count on it

I want a float that shows how many words there are in my string. I want to be able to enter this manually!

If you’re wanting to do it manually, try creating a new structure and having 2 values put into it. 1 being the string, and the other the float/integer value. Then you can create a data table for that structure, and set the default values.

Example: String: “Hello”, Float: “1”

Good tutorial to get you started with data tables, and structures:

Thanks for your help, it worked, everything is compatible with what I’m planning to do !!!