Generate Dynamic source code from BluePrints

Hi Everyone,

I’m new here so I might say stupid things, do not hesitate to notify me if I do !

I’m a french student in I.T. and me and a couple of other students decided to start a Unreal Engine project.
I’ll skip the details here because it would be way too long, I’ll try to focus on the part I’m stuck at.

I was supposed to create a minimap thing, launched when pressed a certain key, in a corner of the screen that follows our character. This part was done just fine.
I did this using Blueprints. I have a Widget Blueprint, a Blueprint Class, a Render Target and a Material (last two are only here for display).
I also implemented a function in the Third Person Character object to define when the minimap should appear (when a key is pressed).
Anyway, until here, everything works fine.

What comes next is the part where I’m stuck : when I should make my minimap fit into an plug-in interface created by one of the other students. It’s an UE4 plug-in, for now it does nothing it’s just an simple user interface.
The goal here is to generate all my blueprints previously created, just by clicking a button in that interface, so that the UE4 user doesn’t have to create the minimap himself.

So, i’ve been searching about Blueprint Nativization, about UE4 Source Code to locate where blueprints are, I’ve been looking through the UE documentation, the forums, but no one seems to have tried this particular thing before and I just can’t progress anymore as I have no idea how to do that at all. (I’ve never worked with Unreal Engine 4 before, only had some Unity classes and it was kinda superficial).

I was expecting a lot with the 4.15 update of Unreal, but I found out that blueprints conversion to c++ were internal, hence weren’t readable anywhere.

So I’d like to know how to get the C++ code from a blueprint, to be able to trigger a script on the plug-in button to add that code to the current project whenever the plug-in button is clicked.

I’m not sure if I’m clear here, my english isn’t really great haha sorry about that, I’d be happy to (try to) clarify my speech if needed !

Thank you all !