Generate BSP like geometry in blueprint

Is there anyway to generate BSP brushes in blueprint? I would like to generate geometry and complex objects based on custom parameters and logic, using features like add/subtract from BSP. Looks like it isn’t possible? Or is it?
If not, is it anyway possible to “subtract” from staticmesh some way? Like making a cylindrical hole in a box?

I have tried using the experimental procedural mesh component but that needs good amount of attention and custom tools to make good use of it, mind not it’s experimental so I wouldn’t want to create several functions to implement a good interface for that component and have it later get redone, obsolete or totally removed.

If it is not currently possible to do what I want with blueprints, is it possible to make it work via blueprint c++ component? Haven’t coded anything in UE yet though.


You can take the BSP brushes and make Instanced Static Meshes of them. Then you can play with them however you want.

If that’s not how you want to manipulate them, then someone else may have a better suggestion.

I tried to implement a bsp spawner from c++ to bp code but for some reason i couldn’t get the bsp brushes to spawn at runtime. Maybe someone else has had luck?

Could you spawn them from the construction script? Thinking that your bsp spawner was a bp node?

You can use the custome mesh component to define your own meshes… :slight_smile:
And yes, it works also in the construction script. You can even bake lighting for them…

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I never tried, i wish i had the code still.

That isnt the same as bsp though. You’d need a hell of allot more code to make say a hollow box in a custom mesh component, than just two bsp brushes.

Darn, my next question would be if I could have a code sample to get started with C++ with UE =)

Well, not really, if you break it up into reusable functions.

BTW: A hollow box requires only one BSP brush :smiley:

Well, even with reusable funtions you still need those before you can make the box.

xD Very true!

The best place for code samples for using bsp would be the engine source itself on github.

now the easiest way to start with c++ is just getting visual studio community 2015 and this will show you how to setup visual studio after 2015 community is installed

then finally after you’re all done, you can finally get started with c++

once you get c++ compiling and you at least try to followthis video series

after all that you’ll understand somewhat what this next bit is, which is the engine source

after you follow that link and you have an account you can follow this link which is the top level part of the bsp editor

basically this folder contains everything need to be a plugin for the engine, bspmode is an editor module plugin. now before you begin, you don’t need the engine source, you can just view the source on the web and use it as reference as you make your own plugin or code.

but basically to have something similar to what i had you just need a simple c++ actor class that has some functions called in the constructor using these similar calls to what the bspmode does, the c++ code you need is in the bspmodemodule.cpp, which is essentially the functionality of bspmode plugin, really all the bspmode editor module tool does is make a bsp builder with some given bsp type and the bsp brush itself is operatered on by its parameters

Thank you very much! Will indeed look into this. Have thought about to start coding for UE4 for a year now :slight_smile: Guess now is the time.
Have seen some old posts about using Qt Creator as an IDE for UE4, you have any experience with that? Think I’m gonna start with giving qt creator a go first.

Thanks again with your help for me to get started.