‘Generate All Bodies’ and ‘Physics Asset Create and Assign’ functions with python?

I am just getting into Python in Unreal and building a tool to automate a bunch of repetitive tasks.

One of these tasks is to generate a physicsAsset and Assign to a skeletalMesh. The assigning part is not a problem once the physicsAsset exists, but I cannot find the python equivalent of right clicking a skeletalMesh and hitting Create\Physics Asset and Assign.

I would like to process a bunch of skeletalMeshes and generate their custom physicsAssets with control of the hulls count and convex_hull collision type.

Any help pointing me to how I can generate a new physicsAsset for a skeletalMesh via python is really appreciated.

I’d like to know the same thing. The python integration seems to be less useful than I had hoped.