Generalist/AI developer

Hello, my name is Łukasz Karasowski but you can call me Luke :wink:

I’m a freelance programmer with 10y experience in making various software, bots and games, sometimes bots for games.
During that time I’ve worked on few released titles for mobile, non of which took off and prolly not on stores anymore.
Few years experience in UE4, mostly with unreleased prototypes as you can imagine.

Looking for part time work with blueprints, c++, behavior trees, animation graphs.
I also own Vive headset if anyone is still interested in those :wink:

Something to show off:

The Alchemist - VR game, personal project released on The Alchemist VR by laggyluk
The Alchemist VR gameplay video - YouTube

Worked on this Nissan VR promo (sadly, in Unity):…se-the-thrill/

Currently part time hired on Saratoga game which is a multiplayer tpp/fpp shooter and so far I did AI behaviors, animation blueprints and player controller. WIP:

I also have built Flappy Bird clone out of Lego if that counts:

contact via PM or better yet, laggyluk


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