General UI Questions

Hi all,

I’ll be signing up to download the engine this weekend, but I thought I would just a ask a couple of general questions regarding the unreal4 engine.

  1. I’ve read that Slate is the new framework for creating a UI. I went through the documentation but I couldn’t see anything specific to drag-and-drop functions. I’m wondering if DnD functionality has, or will be, implemented? I’m specifically interested in dragging icons between windows, and nodes within a Treegraph.

  2. As an alternative to Slate is it possible to create a UI using somthing like JQuery if I was to just target HTML5 as a deployment?

  3. The reason I ask the above leads on to my next question which is whether the unreal4 engine can be used to create 3D applications, rather than just games? I’ve been working on a 3D tool for a few years now but I’ve had bad luck with other 3d engines. The last two engines I was using were abandoned by the developers, which kind of left me in limbo.


  1. Not a Slate expert, so I’ll let someone else answer.
  2. One user has already created a V8 plugin so you can script things with JavaScript. Coherent is going to announce Unreal Engine 4 support soon. It allows you to create HTML5+JS+CSS3 overlays with full feature set of Chrome.
  3. Since you can create 2D or 3D games, I don’t see why you couldn’t make a non-game 3D application. You may see a slightly higher performance hit than if you used a framework designed for 3D app.

Thanks Acenth. I’ve never heard of Coherent before but what they’ve done is very interesting. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the UE4 implementation, although I wonder if this will still have the $650 price tag.