General theory questions about panel widgets

Is it bad practice to put a panel widget inside a panel widget?

The canvas panel tool-tip states: great widget for manual layout, but bad when you want to procedurally generate widgets and place them in a container.
Does this apply if I am attempting to procedurally generate widgets into another panel widget, that resides within a canvas panel?

Are there any other interactions between panel widgets, when used in this manner, that I should be aware of, if using nested panel widgets is indeed a fine practice?

I use widgets in widgets. No problems so far.

Do whatever works for you.

Hi TremendouslyWET

There are no major drawbacks from stacking widgets within widgets. Placing panel widgets (or custom panel) widgets will not cause any issues.

As for best practices, keep a very close eye on your allignment properties and visibility channels.

Good luck!

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: