[General] So imagine... [OFF-TOPIC]

Hi all! I decided to create this and post it in here to help us all get to know each other a tiny bit better. Seeing as the forum has us all answering questions, I’m intrigued to learn about the people behind the screen names. I’ve posted this in general as the description of the forum is “General discussion about the game industry and the Unreal Engine community”.

So… I’m interested…


There’s a giant video-game crash, the biggest crash the video-game world has EVER seen. Like super big.

Right, now imagine you’re a grandmaster black-belt supreme lord/lady of video-game creation (Most of you don’t have to imagine that part :wink: as by the looks of things, there’s some crazy good developers here, But hear me out!).

Everyone in the games industry and gamers everywhere turn to you…

What ONE genre do YOU resurrect to bring video-games from the crash? Note that this genre will be the only genre ever in the of video-games. Post which genre you’d use to create the crash-defying video-game and why.

The future of video-games rests on your shoulders, what genre game do you create to save video-games from total damnation?

NOTE: Please no, “This is stupid” posts, I’m intrigued to hear what forum users would pick and why.

Role playing games, becouse i think its the best genre.

I would also create a RPG game -> something into the direction of a survival rpg game :smiley:

I’d have to agree with Fighter as well. Something cataclysmic that gives you a choice to either fly it solo and try your best to survive as the lone wolf or band together in an attempt to stitch civilization back together and attempt to bring it to others. Some great resource conflict scenarios would play out.

so minecraft multiplayer ? XD

Closer to DayZ than Minecraft. I’d have it so people can form up into factions similar to what EVE has for companies and what not…

MOBA or RPG (however MOBA is partly RPG). As rpg’s have an awesome stroy and usually gameplay, and MOBA’s actually contain RTS and RPG in them.

I would have to agree with the RPG. the rpg isnt limited to one story type or one theme. you can have almost any combination of game play arch types that fit within an rpg. from sports, to racing to street fighter style scene. RPG’s can be 1st, 3rd or top down and side scrollers. they can be shooters or strategy… everything can be done in an RPG if it is done well enough to capture the imagination of your target audience while providing a rewarding and fun playing experience. the label RPG could be used almost as a general label for any game with a story that your actions influence the outcome.

FPS because i’m fan of FPS :wink: