General signal flow overview?

Hey guys,

working my way into UEaudio.

A few questions:

  1. Is the new sound mixer architecture enabled by default? (Using 4.24.1) Or do I still need to enable it in the .ini file?
  2. Using submixes etc. I seem to have nice control over for example reverb. But there is also a master mix & master reverb send, how do I see what they are up to?
  3. Are SoundCues still the way to go for sounds using the new tech? For example I want to play a sound that consists of many small sound layers played at the same time, their amplitudes depend on game variables (distance, health etc) and be delayed by distance (speed of sound) so I feel like I should be using BluePrint for that instead of SoundCues. What are your experiences?

I am basically trying to understand the general signal flow in the new engine to figure out how to design my concept.

I’m happy for any advice. Thank you guys!

I feel you! As a very ‘visual’ person I struggle with building a useful mental model of things like this.
Welcome to programming, where everything is invisible, and you have to reverse moonwalk through a mirror to get anything done!
Ok not always. It’s very often elegant, explorative and rewarding.

  1. Yep it’s enabled by default on 4.24 and onwards, no need to do anything special!

  2. I think we can’t really “see” what they’re up to. I keep in mind that they’re always there, available, but usually don’t do stuff to them much. In AaBPs we listen to the master submix a lot for visualizing(if we don’t tell it to get visualization data from a specific submix, it defaults to Master submix). Think of it like a DAW, we have reverb and master tracks, and we can send portions of any audio to the reverb, in addition to it going straight to master.

  3. I would use blueprints for advanced/custom functionality, and creative freedom! But cues have their place, and you could use a combination. Cues as building blocks and sound producers, blueprints as controllers and informers. Or use audio components or synths in blueprints instead of cues. Or in addition to.

  4. My biggest advice is to keep doing what you are doing. Get to know more about UE editor, blueprints, audio asset types etc. But MOST OF ALL blueprints. Fail a bunch of times. Spend the time. They are the key to realize any weird visions of the future you might be experiencing;)

This graph is 2 years old so don’t know how valid it is, but look at it. It is pinned on the Unreal Slackers discord, in the Audio channel.