General rules or steps to follow when changing a project between binary editor and source editor?

Currently, I have a project that was initially developed in the binary version of Unreal Editor (the one you can access through the Epic Launcher). I also switch to the source version of Unreal Engine 4 from github and run the project through it. I maintain engine versions (4.10.4 for example).

What I basically do right now is simply delete the Intermediate and Saved folders from my project directory, and also delete the .xcworkspace/.sln file. I then generate the project files by right-clicking on the .uproject file and it will prompt me to select which engine version I wish to generate for (Mac is right-click -> Services -> Generate Xcode Project, Windows is right-click -> Generate Visual Studio project files). In this case for example, I’m moving from binary editor to source editor, so I select the source editor and it then generates the files. I then open the .uproject file in the source editor.

To summarise:

  1. Delete Intermediate and Saved folders from project directory
  2. Delete .xcworkspace/.sln files from project directory
  3. Generate project files with selected editor version that I will be moving to
  4. Open .uproject with selected editor version

So, my real question is am I missing any steps or is there something in-between that should be done to keep the project sane and functional or is this just fine? Really all I want to know are what the best practices are :slight_smile: