General Rapid Prototyping Mechanics?

Hi everyone! I believe this is my first thread here, and I can’t think of a better topic for it!

I’m currently coming to the end of my second year of University, and for the past month I have been working on a system to manage a value between 2 other values.
I have affectionately called this system the Universal Bar, as all of my examples are displayed to the user through UMG progress bars. It’s also been described to me as a more advanced Lerp.
You’re able to modify the current value, empty it, fill it to max, regenerate it over time (with an included delay), and even bleed a negative modification through to a different bar (either when a
bar empties, or as a constant percentage bleed). I’ve tried to make this mechanic as abstract as I can, with only a couple added features for ease-of-use.


What I’m wondering is, would this kind of thing be beneficial to the store? If it would be, I’m definitely looking to submit it as it’s basically complete. I’ll also begin work on more
general mechanics for Rapid Prototyping as part of my Final Year Project when I return to University in September!

If anyone would like any more screenshots of the mechanic in use, feel free to ask! It’s my first real project, so I’m a little nervous.

Well anyway, thank you for reading!