General Questions - stuff I am confused about

Hi all,

So I am basically a N00B when it comes to this. After two weeks I have finally got the kit running smoothly after following some advice I found here and now I am trying to learn what to do. Now I have started watching tutorials which are good but I have so many gaps in my knowledge I can’t relate them to what I want to do successfully. Could you help me by looking at my list below and telling me if I should be making copies of the things I am looking at or child references please? I think its a copy cos if I make a child of WeapSickle for instance it references the original which then links to other things I want to edit which would then change them for the original as well (I think…)

My aim is to design a tool (lets say sickle) that collects only Narcoberries. So this is what I think I need to do:

  1. Create a mymod folder
  2. Find the WeapSickle, copy it to the mymod folder.
  3. Rename the copy narcosickle
  4. Looking at the reference viewer I see the original WeapSickle is referenced by PrimalItem_WeaponSickle so I grab that and make a copy of it again and rename it PrimalItem_WeaponSickle_mymod.
    5 I then point PrimalItem_WeaponSickle_mymod at narcosickle instead of WeapSickle.
  5. I then look to find where I can try to limit what narcosickle can gather and trace it through:
    DmgType_Melee_SickleHarvest > SeedHarvestComponent

Now here is where without understanding what I am doing I am probably repeating the same mistakes. If, as I assume, I need to make copies of the things I want to alter then I need to copy more and more until I get down to the types of berry I want to harvest. As mentioned above I would like some advice if at all possible please.

Thanks in advance.

N.B. I may make no sense at all so please try to read through the gibberish!

I suggest making copies. That is what I do when I edit thing such as bows. I make a copy of everything I edit. If the something in the bow points to something else that I want to change I copy that thing and point it to my copy. For example The DmgType_Melee_SickleHarvest in your Sickle. I would make a copy of that, rename it, make my changes, then I would change whatever blueprint has that in it to point to my new copy. Hope this helps.

Thanks Firespark. I shall give it a go! Much appreciated.

Hello again.

I am having issues with trying to figure out how to make my new narcosickle harvest narcoberries instead of fibre. I can see that the SeedHarvestComponent connects to various resources and the DmgType_Melee_SickleHarvest connects to this. What I can’t determine is what makes the current sickle harvest fibre and how to change that to point it to berries.

I have been looking through the attributes of everything connected and I am either missing it or looking in the wrong area. PrimalItemResource_Fibers connects to seedharvestcomponebt and UseHarvestComponent_Base and the later seems to be referencing fibre only, but again no specific reference to the sickle. In fact it uses the damagetypeuseharvest which seems generic.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Has anyone else created a weapon and either changed or limited the resources it picks up?

Thanks in advance.

Anyone help me with this?

It looks like the sickle gets fiber via SeedHarvestComponent if you look at the first entry for “Harvest Resource Entries” (which maps to fiber) you’ll see that there are damage type entry overrides for herbivores, sickles and bigfoots. Each of the damage types overrides line up with weight/min/max overrides below the damage type. That’s how they prevent generic herbivores from gathering by setting the other overrides to zero.

To accomplish what you’re looking for I suspect you’ll need to add overrides to the narcoberries with your damage type.

Ok so Iv been noticing a lack of responses from people that can really help people and its replies like this that I want to give a thumbs up to. I dont know if people dont read these posts or if they just dont want to help people understand things but if there was a way to give you JDonavan a thumbs up I would!