General questions about level design in UE4

So I went through this tutorial series https://wiki.unrealengine/Videos/Player?series=PLZlv_N0_O1gbYMYfhhdzfW1tUV4jU0YxH&video=cRhWc2kAhqI

He is using BSP’s to create the office. At the end of the series he says that we’ve built the office in a modular way that I could go on creating more rooms and make it a building if I wanted to. So I started a blank project and began designing my first environment from scratch with BSP’s, thinking this was the normal way to create a building. My problem is that BSP’s don’t generate Overlap/Hit Events, which I need so my projectiles won’t just fly through 4 pillars for example. I’ve read Static Meshes are used in final production in games and BSP’s are just temporary placeholders. Is that true?

I made a building that’s 350+ BSP cubes. I’m wondering if I need to just make some super long colliders for the floor and ceiling and then some to go around walls and pillars in order to keep my BSP’s…or do I need to replace everything with SM’s to create a better FPS gaming experience?

I’m assuming the colliders become expensive at some point, would I need them if my building were made of SM’s instead of BSP’s?


It is common practice to replace the BSP block out with static meshes…you can actually convert your BSP objects to static mesh objects within the UE4 editor.

Yea you should always try to replace the BSP with Static Meshes once you’ve finished with it. The BSP system is quite dated now, but it’s useful for fast prototyping. You don’t really want to use it in production though, since it doesn’t always behave as expected and also isn’t very optimized.

That said, there’s a really cool new Marketplace item called the ‘SuperGrid Start Pack’ by . It looks really good for prototyping levels, lots of useful meshes and scale-independent materials for blocking out levels. Highly recommend!

My worry with converting them all is that when you do, the new object is covered with the error “Invalid Lightmap Settings”. I can’t get it to go away.

Open the static mesh editor (double click on the mesh in the content browser) - set the lightmap resolution to something like 32,64,127,… :slight_smile:

Thanks! Is there a way I can do that for all 350+ SM’s at once, or do I have to do change the lightmap resolution individually for each cube?

You cant do it permanently, but when those meshes are in the level, you could select all of them - in the details panel enable overwrite lightmap resolution.