General Questions About Blueprints


So I just moved from Unity and UE4 seams weird and confusing for me at start. So few questions:

  1. Latest Unreal is 4.23, however when I’m in documentation it says 4.9…?
  2. Do I have to setup Visual Studio to open files like in Unity? Eg. I have a blueprint with a parent class interface. It says if I click it should open Visual Studio, but nothing happens.

Hey, not 100% on the answers but I’ve heard the fastest way to get correct information is to post the incorrect information.

  1. My Documentation just tells me the major version, so for me it’s Unreal 4 Documentation
  2. If you created a C++ project you should be able to click the parent class and have visual studio open for the correct class.

The Engine version refers to in what version the feature was introduced so if it says 4.9 it should also be in 4.23