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Hello people. I came back to Unreal Engine some days ago after some months ago. The first time I tried to create some graphics using c++ was in January . I learnt the basics of OpenGL , but as soon as I realized that it would take 2-3 years to create a nice game engine , I moved to unreal engine 4. I got myself into learning basic unreal engine 4 stuff , then I had to drop it to study for my semester exams. Semester is (almost) over , so I came back. I followed the “First person shooter tutorial” which is awesome and now I want to make my first car. However , I cannot find any c++ car tutorial and I dont want to work with pure Blueprint programming. Reading the code of the samples can be a solution , although it would take a lot of time , since I am not experienced with the variables of UE4 and with the libraries. So , my question is if there is a book/site I could read/visit in order to learn how to make a car using c++. One more question: I am an unreal noob . Which site is the best for learning the basics of unreal engine? What would you advise me to do ?


In my opinnion the best idea is to just create some game but if you want to study it like book you can read:

Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation and when writing code

Official resources for learning UE4 Unreal Engine guides and white papers - Unreal Engine

If you want good book you can do something like this: PDF for UE4 Documentation Available? - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums.

if you want to watch videos, you can just watch UE4 livestreams and other videos on UE4 channel on youtube.

But some of this videos may be outdated, the best idea is just to do something rather then reading about something.

there is an unreal course on udemy where you build a tank game using c++