General question : FMOD API (Classes) in Unreal Engine4? Problem with own FMOD implementation.

Hello dear community,

I have a general question about FMOD API.

I’ve started recently to implement my FMOD specific classes into UE4 and I’m using lowlevel\lib\fmod64_vc.lib.
My classes are just empty classes or inherit from actor.

Now what is my problem?
I’m using #include <fmod.h> and when I spawn in the level, my actor triggers a play() of a specific soundtrack.
Now if I STOP the game and leave Unreal, the track doesn’t stop to play :smiley:
I know it is a issue, because the system doesn’t know actually the Unreal Engine.

a) Is there a way how I can ask in C++ in the Actor, when a game is going to be quit? “e.g. if(GameExit) stopSong();”
b) A better solution would be to know how exactly does FMOD already work with UE4?
Do we have classes there without importing a plugin?
What I want is “#include <fmod.h>” without references in Visual Studio on ThirdPartyLibraries.
Are there any good tutorials for UE4 how to get started with FMOD API (Not Studio! I want to use C++…).

Thank you very much for your advice.

I solved a). Override EndPlay() will do it. I hope I can help someone with this in the future.
Can someone help me with b)?