General Question: Blueprints or Custom coding

With every revision update, which seem to come fairly frequently (nice job Dev’s), there are a bunch of fires in the blueprints we’ve created that require attention, requiring time. If custom code were written for the modules needed for my project would that code be more protected from / resistant to DOT revision updates than blueprints are?

Thanks in advance


If by custom code, you mean C++, then no. Look at the changelogs for C++ code in things that need to be updated by the developers.

Yes, by using code (coding) I referred to custom C++. I was hoping that developing code for my project instead of using blue prints, I could avoid, or at least minimize, the repair redundancy that results from DOT updates.

Thanks for the info.

Minor updates (What you are calling DOT updates) generally do not have breaking code/interface/API changes.
Your C++ coders need to look at the changelogs as Jamendxman3 said.


In most cases you don’t really need to look on change logs. If you update your project in every big update (which i think you should, or else you really decided to use specific version), you will get warnings when somethings is depricated and about to be removed or changed, it even hints you how to update your code. Look on Output tab if you don’t see them