General Question about importing .csv data tables

Hello there everyone!

I just have a short question about how to import .csv files for data tables correctly.
My problem is that I, when I try to declare a row name it says, that there is no column for the rest of my data.
When i leva out my “row name” then I get the error that there is now row name.
So my question is now, how do I declare the row name correctly? I tried both “;” and “,” but couldn’t get it going.

Thank you very much for your help!

You have to make a data structure first, then when you try to import your CSV file you can select your data structure in the drop down list on import.

To make the data structure right click in the content browser and its in there somewhere (I think under either Misc or Blueprints)

Match the names of the columns to the names you made in your CSV file exactly.

the csv file should look like this if you open it in Notepad (as an example):


EDIT: You might be able to leave out the UniqueID as I think Unreal will generate an ID using row name when you import your CSV, but you could leave it in to be safe

EDIT2: If you use Notepad to save it, when you go to Save As, I think you have to change the encoding type to UTF-8, but I cant remember, just try it if you get an error