General question about cloth simulation


I am planning a character and i would like to give her some wide clothing. First of all i am wondering if that is possible in general, because i could not find game characters featuring wide clothing, so do you know any examples? Also the clothing will be layered, there will be a skirt and than a coat on top of it. Also i am planning to use cloth simulation also for the Hair. Now i made a test character and as i expected, stuff is intersecting each other. So the question is can i have multiple parts of clothing that collide with each other? Next thing is, i really dont want it to collide with the skin, so i think i need to make the physics asset much more detailed than the auto generated, is that also possible, to add more spheres to it?


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I think there is a capsule limit, maybe 12, so choose carefully (i’m just guessing that)… use the new tapered clothing capsules, and no, you have to spend some time setting them just right… as for layered, hmm, set the ‘collision thickness’ to different thicknesses?


thanks for your reply. By looking at the content example i found the “Owen” Character and noticed that it seems his clothing doesnt use any physical asset, but the cloth collides pretty good. Also his Coat has bones. Does anybody now why he uses these bones and doesnt use physical asset for cloth collision?


the physics asset is not going to show up until you pick owen coat or owen tie in the clothing data (top left)

mmh, also when select the coats data it doesnt show up.