general question about animation/blend space etc...

I have only played with some real basic stuff when it comes to animations. But I am trying to wrap my head around how to best handle what I am trying to accomplish, I figured there are loads of people on the forum with much more knowledge and no doubt good suggestions to make.

At the base, there is a character, they can have either a rifle or a pistol. They can be idle, walk/run (in a blendspace), crouch, jump. I know you can ‘blend by’ and sort of mix animations… just wondering if that is the proper way to go about setting up animations depending on if they have a rifle vs pistol.

Use a variable for weapon used and based on that use different blends?

Haven’t even got to the whole aim down sight stuff… argh. Thanks. really just looking for a direction to take…

I’d go about it that way…also I’d pick apart the FPS example Epic provided and migrate a ton of that into your project…from there dissect it and replace most variables and animations with your own…a lot of work will already be done for you that way…good luck…

I havent looked into the first person example from epic. But couldnt you have multiple locomotion state machines? One for each weapon type and then use the layered blend per bone to mix them together from the chest bone?

Not sure…

almost doesn’t seem to matter, can’t find pistol animations I need from mixamo… got the pistol aimset pro, and no amount of retargeting get’s them to work right with fuse characters. what a waste of money… so disappointed.

whats a fuse skeleton look like?
Those packs are never a waste of money mate. Have you tried doing the batch retarget in motionbuilder?
Or in your dcc software? Its all quite doable.

In mixamo export it for ue4 rig and you dont need to retarget if you select skeleton of pistol animset pro when importing your fuse character.

I prefer makehuman. I have custom ue4 rig with breast and face bones if you want

No idea what motion builder is or what dcc software is.

I got them close… but still off where the hands come together. Now just trying to figure out blendspaces for this set… since it uses start and stop and loop animations, and that’s different than any tutorial I have ever seen.

This might be of use to add to the knowledge base.

Be warned this is a behind the scene proof of concept video that lacks any kind of production value and will probably put you to sleep.

FrankieV, amazing stuff. See every tutorial for animations and blend spaces talks about movement velocities and sets the blend spaces via speed and direction… totally different than what you are doing. I prefer your method as it seems to give more control. Now I need to wrap my brain around how you do all that. Wish there were more tutorials about this method.