General Programmer (C++ and Blueprint) [Closed]

Status: Closed

I am a generalist programmer who has built various systems such as Character Stats, Inventory, Equipment, Magic, Ranged and Melee Combat Systems, Animal and vehicle Mounting, and Survival Construction/Build Systems. All the systems I have built have been built with multi-player in mind and I am knowledgeable in Unreal Engine’s best practices when it comes to using replication and RPCs.


  • C++ - Very Strong C++ with over 9+ years experience programming
  • **Blueprints **- Strong Blueprint, Blueprint Interfaces, abilities with cross Blueprint and C++ abilities.
  • **Replication **- Able to setup replication and RPCs with care and consideration for network traffic and cheating exploits.
  • Online Subsystems - Knowledge of setting up Online Subsystems with C++ to Host, Find, and Join Sessions, Building Dedicated Server
  • **Steam Dedicated Server - **Experience Setting up a Dedicated Server that registers with Steam
  • Animation Blueprints - Knowledgeable in Animation Blueprints with understanding of State Machine as well as most Blend Modes to produce Animation
  • **AI **- Foundational knowledge of AI with familiarity in developing Behavior trees, Services, Decorators, and Tasks.
  • **UMG **- Strong ability with UMG with familiarity in developing user widgets both in C++ and in Blueprint and base Widgets classes to fit your game’s needss
  • Project Setup - Highly capable of setting up C++ Unreal Projects that utilizes multiple project modules and plugins for code organization and exclusion of pure editor code
  • **Collision **- Strong understanding of Collision and traces within the Unreal Engine
  • Design Document - Ability to build and setup a Design Document detailing the games look and feel as well as mechanical breakdown.
  • Project Planning - Ability to plan and prioritize project tasks for development
  • **Platforms **- I have knowledge of setting up and using Azure and familiarity Spatial OS

stuff I’d like to know better or explore deeper either on a project or on my own it will happen.

  • **AI **- with understanding of the basics I’d love to dive deeper on this and really get into it


  • 3 years experience professional Game-play engineer
  • 7 years experience as professional Software Engineer
  • 3 years hobby game development with UE4
  • 15 years dabbling in game engine design and mechanics development with C++

Previous Work:
My previous work includes a currently Outlaws of the Old West a AAA Survival RPG title where I worked on various game play systems for over the span of a year. A fantastic team of devs working on Valhall a Viking themed Battle Royal. I’ve also been developing my own RPG which includes several custom built systems including inventory, traits, equipment and melee and Ranged combat.

I have been a professional Software engineer for nine years, working in the medical industry as well as project management software. I’ve worked with big and small teams, developing mission critical software for desktop computer to web technologies and now video games.


Unannounced Survival Game - Survival Mechanics, Melee Systems, Online Subsystems, Steam Dedicated Server Setup with Azure.

Unannounced Interactive Story - Heavy UI implementation using 3D Widgets to aid in VR interactivity.

Valhall - Viking themed Battle Royal - Implementation of UI elements. Custom game settings for various audio controls. Setup Music for gameplay and menus. Various gameplay bug fixes.
Outlaws of the Old West - Gameplay Systems development. Primary developer of build system. Worked on Mounting System, Crafting System, Inventory systems, Day Night Cycle and weather systems (not graphics only mechanics).
Stoneage Survival RPG - Spear throwing mechanics, Foot placement IK system, and Animation Blueprints for Animals.

Project Vishnu - my own project. Character Stats, Traits, and Customization. Inventory and Equipment Systems. Combat System with various types of weapons, able to support a different attack and stance for each weapon or combination of weapons. Fully Network friendly with local safe loading of assets on the clients for both equipment and combat system. Fully functional Online Subsystem with Dedicated Server and Server Browser for multi-player functionality. Animal Mounting System so you can ride various beasts across the landscape.

Sample of a prototype game I built for January 2016 Game Jam can be found at the following URL (more to come)
Sample Game(s)

Email: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype and Discord communication available upon request

Additional Information:
I currently reside in Orange County California which puts me in PST timezone.
Travel limit is Orange County, LA, or San Diego anywhere and limited times per month. Travel not acceptable beyond that unless you are paying for it
I have an Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement available for anyone who does not and am willing to review and sign your own NDA.

Royalty Only Positions:
I am not currently accepting Royalty positions as I got to pay the bills.

Contract Positions:
I will work a minimum of 20 hours a week to 40 hours a week, 3-8 hours a day during the week and up to 0-6 hours a day during the weekends. My availability will be 8:30 am - 8:30 pm on weekdays and 1:00pm to 8:30 pm on weekends (though weekend times are subject to change).

During my work time with you, you or myself are free to cancel the contract at any time. However any hours worked I expect to be paid for up to the point of termination.

Fulltime Paid Positions:
Currently looking for Contract Positions, but Fulltime positions are not out of the question.

All Positions:
I can be reached via Skype or discord at any time of the day and direct communication is available at the times listed.
For interests please contact me through Email Address [EMAIL=“”] Please state the nature of the work in contact, NDA’s are welcome and I have my own if needed.

Feedback Welcome
Serious replies only please.

I added you on skype :smiley:

Hey just a quick question. Are you comfortable working on a networked game? I’ve had some other programmers turn down jobs because they didn’t think they would be comfortable working on multiplayer.

That pretty much falls under Replication but yes I have no problem with that. My own project supports network gameplay. The only thing I have not done is session management and lobby systems.

Sent you an email

Emailed and added on skype! Looking forward to chat with you :slight_smile:

I am currently open for Paid and Contract Work

I am now open for Paid and Contract Work

I am now open for Paid Contract Work

I am now open for Paid and Contract Work

Dropped you an email but don’t see any details for your discord.